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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Black Ops is based on the science of synergy – the body, the shaft, and the club head working together in unison to produce a repeatable ball flight. By using the highest grade of Japanese graphite, 4000 Ton (T) graphite, and never the filler composites used by most manufacturers, we have set a new standard for golfers. The end result is a stables shaft that recovers fast, kills spin, and finds more fairways.

The PGA set a COR (coefficient of restitution) rule, this is a measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide the COR cannot be higher than 0.83%. Meaning when the club head impacts the ball there cannot be more than 83% transfer of energy of the head to the ball. Black Ops is proving daily, that the quality of shaft is what makes the difference. Black Ops strives to educate the public.

Research and Development

Our research and development is based upon direct feedback from face-to-face communication with everyday golfers. Our designer shafts and grips were designed based on endless amounts of hours of personally standing in multiple retail stores, in three different countries, asking women and men what they would like to see in the market place. We took that information, and with a team of PGA professionals, created products that are superior in performance and beauty that have never been seen before in the golf market. We are currently working with the International Trade Commerce Department to bring the technology from Japan and China to the U.S.A. and to be the leader in the technology of club making in the U.S.A. All Custom clubs are assembled in the U.S.A. We firmly believe that nobody can out produce U.S.A. in quality. Black Ops will donate a percentage of proceeds from the sales of the designer clubs to our charities that we are working with here in the U.S.A.

The Story of the Crest

The Crest came about through a discussion with my husband when we were trying to brand our company with a logo that had meaning. I mentioned to my husband that I would like something in remembrance of my father. I began to tell him the story of how my dad had taught me to golf when I was younger and how much those memories mean to me. Both my mom and dad golfed, but I remember mom usually beating dad. Mom was the better golfer, but Dad was the teacher of the game. He had a love for the game. He also had a love for his family and a love for life that carried over to anybody who was around him. My mom and dad were not just my parents, they were also my friends. So when my mom and dad were both hit by a car and killed while changing a flat tire, my life changed in an instant. When I was asked to sum up my dad in a word, the one word that came to mind was “Protector”. He was the protector of my family; he taught me how to be strong, love life and care for others. In memory of my dad, we took his initials WRL and made them into the coat of arms of our company which you will see on all Black Ops products.