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BlackOps L$D Brassie Driver

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The special feature of the L$D BRASSIE driver is the angle of the club face (Pat pending), which serves to launch the ball at the optimum 18º angle required to achieve maximum distance and roll. This reduces the undesirable back-spin and side-spin effects of a typical 10º club face.

This 460cc club Conforms with USGA Rules

Black Ops has made a price concession to offer this to the public and reassures that our Black Tour shaft model is of the the same quality as if you were to buy it separately.

Black ops normally does not support just one club but in this case we felt that this club could help so many people lower scores. Every once in a great while a shaft and head come together to fit all optimal needs. After testing 75 heads from all different countries, we believe that this head will be the most useful club in your bag. The “BRASSIE” will increase the loft and accuracy of your drive. We have had many players hit the Brassie club and out drive their drivers with greater accuracy. In Black Ops’ opinion this is the straightest club ever tested. Give it a try! We have a 30 day return Policy.