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MyGolfSpy Review

Review By: Golf Spy Matt

“The Best Shaft You Haven’t Heard of.. Yet”

The biggest surprise in testing the Black Ops was the feel. To me, most shafts that bill themselves as “spin killers” are also boardy feeling. While there isn’t a huge kick (at least not for my pedestrian swing speed), the Black Ops is very smooth. This is important to me because boardy shafts lead me to over swing and then things get ugly. Not the case at all with the Black Ops.


The biggest advantage that the Black Ops offers is spin reduction. You can see that even for someone like myself, with pretty low spin, it dropped the spin by 400 RPM! As I’ve often said in shaft reviews, for me, spin reduction is not necessarily a good thing: I am already pretty much optimized and I value carry over roll. That said, I know most people will benefit from it, so it’s probably the most important thing to mention

The one thing that really pleased me about the Black Ops was the ball speed. Obviously I didn’t eat my Wheaties before doing this testing as 150 is definitely a bit low for me, but the Black Ops stood shoulder to shoulder with the Matrix RUL, a shaft that has consistently beaten on challengers.

Finally, I was very pleased with the dispersion that the Black Ops offered. There were at least three swings where, immediately after contact, I said to myself, “I’m going to have to delete that one,” because I felt that they were destined for OB right. Not only did I not have to delete them, they all ended up being quite straight (the furthest right was 10 yards).

While I was happy to test and review the Black Ops, I really didn’t think I was auditioning a new shaft for time in the bag. I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re looking for some serious spin reduction partnered with a smooth feel, then check out Black Ops!